Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Dukes (2008)

Release Date:
11/14 (NY)
Wider Release: 11/21

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"The Dukes is the wry comic tale of a down-and-out Doo Wop band who take a bumbling detour into burglary in their endless quest to make good on their dreams. Featuring an accomplished ensemble cast and the directorial debut of beloved tough-guy actor Robert Davi, the film is a rollicking caper that is also deeply candid about life, love, friendship and the heart it takes to keep on struggling to find meaning and connection as life takes one absurd turn after another. For when these middle-aged buddies are forced to become mid-life bandits – and think they’ve hit on a sure-fire plan for the score of a lifetime -- it accidentally results in far greater pleasures than loot."