Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New on DVD: Holly (2006)

Releasing 1/27/09

Take a Stand, Make a Difference
& Buy the DVD:

A percentage of the proceeds from the disc goes directly to the
Redlight Children Campaign.

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Synopsis from City Lights
& Priority Films:

"Ron Livingston delivers a powerful breakout performance as a 'comfortably numb' American gambler, immersed in a dangerous and shocking culture of corruption, slavery and deceit.

Disgusted and inspired, he finds true meaning in his life as he frantically searches through both the beautiful and sordid faces of Cambodia, risking everything in a desperate attempt to save the life of one girl."

The critically acclaimed work, which has been generating buzz and high praise on the international film festival circuit stars Chris Penn in sadly what would be his final role and boasts" a chilling performance" by Udo Kier.

"Holly is not just one girl. She is the voice of millions of children who are exploited and violated every year with no rights or protection."

Theatrical Trailer

Ron Livingston
(CNN Interview)

(Part One)

(Part Two)

Q&A Hosted by Alec Baldwin at the
Hamptons International Film Festival

Click Here to Watch an Interview with the Author

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Learn More About The K11 Project
& The Redlight Children Campaign:

(From the Press Release)

"The K11 Project and the Redlight Children Campaign is the latest phase of a journey that began in 2002 with New York lawyer Guy Jacobson. While traveling in Phnom Penh, Jacobson encountered a barrage of young girls, some just 5-years old, aggressively soliciting prostitution. The horror was not lost on him. Shortly thereafter, he began gathering together a passionate group of advocates determined to protect young children in danger of becoming part of the global sex trade.

A three-film project (a narrative, and two documentaries), the K11 Project exposes the real stories of children abducted into the horrifying world of child trafficking and child prostitution. Altogether it is the most comprehensive film project ever made about this issue.

The team includes award-winning filmmakers, high profile activists and international stars and works closely with many international human rights organizations varying from UNODC, UNICEF, Amnesty to Vital Voices, AFESIP, and numerous smaller grassroots NGOs.

Our mission is to leave a lasting impression on audiences, to create such a powerful, vivid and compelling viewing experience that people are moved to action. Holly embraces drama and emotion, The Virgin Harvest grapples with hard truths and the The K11 Journey showcases a determined team of international artists struggling to better these children's lives.

In addition, we have created the Redlight Children Campaign - a
worldwide grassroots human rights initiative promoting awareness and practical action for reducing the number of children who are sexually exploited each year.

The campaign combines Priority Films' The K11 Project and an easy-to-use website at www.RedLightchildren.org, focusing on decreasing the demand for any form of child sexploitation by promoting more efficient legislation and better enforcement of such legislation.

The Redlight Children Campaign has been gaining steady momentum with the cooperation of leading media icons, major international NGOs and numerous smaller organizations around the world.

Today, "Expose it. Fight it. End it." is our rallying cry. It inspires us as we raise awareness via mass media, emboldens us as we pressure governments for more effective legislation, and reawakens us during our never-ending search for additional public and private resources.

It reminds us to never stop stirring up active opposition to child sexploitation in all its guises in every part of the world. Please "spread the word" and raise awareness of this inhuman global issue."