Monday, March 2, 2009

Cherry Blossoms (2009)

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"An elderly husband suffering from a terminal illness begins to appreciate his wife on a whole new level after she dies suddenly during a trip to see their children and grandchildren in Berlin. Rudi is not long for this world, but only his doctor and his wife Trudi know how serious his condition has truly become. As Trudi wrestles with whether or not to break the news to her ailing husband, the doctor recommends to her that the couple perhaps do something that they have been planning for years but could never find the time to fit into their busy schedules. Later, after convincing Rudy to travel with her to Berlin and visit their family for the first time in years, the couple is heartbroken to realize that their children have no time for them. When Trudy suddenly passes away and Rudy realizes that he never knew his wife as well as he wanted or expressed his affection in a way that truly reverberated, the widower is devastated to discover just what sacrifices Trudy had made to be with him. In the aftermath of that discovery, Rudy dedicates his remaining days to realizing Trudy's unfulfilled dreams and traveling to Tokyo to celebrate her life during the breathtaking cherry blossom festival - colorful festival staged to celebrate beauty, impermanence, and new beginnings."

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