Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Perfect Sleep (2009)

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"Think of classic film noir: the world of Dashiell Hammett's Sam Spade, femme fatales, and lurking shadows. Now imagine this world populated with characters from tragic Russian novels like those by Dostoevsky, tormented figures suffering through harsh circumstances. This unique world provides the foundation for the dark and vivid dreamscape of The Perfect Sleep.

In a timeless city, a man with no known name (Anton Pardoe) returns to the violent, brutal underworld of assassins he escaped ten years earlier. Known only as "The Mad Monk," a moniker bestowed upon him by his adversaries, this mysterious man is known for two things: his merciless honor crimes and his intense devotion to one woman, Porphyria (Roselyn Sanchez), who he has loved since childhood.

There is no discernible reason for him to return to this ruthless city, save one. Now a mother and wife, Porphyria still lives here and is in great danger, and he – a man gifted in the art of killing – may be the only one who can save her. Waiting for him are eager assailants such as the Rajah (Sam Thakur), all led by the formidable Nikolai (Patrick Bauchau.)

To protect Porphyria, he will return to a life of torment and torture. He will face off against the father figure he turned his back on so many years ago and revisit this criminal world full of people imprisoned by their desire, history and sins.

The Perfect Sleep marks the directorial debut of Jeremy Alter who has served as producer and location manager for a variety of projects including David Lynch's Inland Empire as well as Fanboys, Sideways and Balls of Fury and now teams with friend and collaborator Anton Pardoe on their first full length feature."

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