Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lymelife (2008)

Opens in Select Theatres
On May 1, 2009

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It’s 1979 on Long Island, New York. Change is in the air—- the promise of a better life luring a new immigration from the city to the suburbs. In this world, real estate development is like winning the lottery, and money means success. The rest of the world may sit on a precipice—the Falkland War looms and before long American hostages will be taken in Iran—but on Long Island the future is bright, vulnerable only to that which sucks ones soul, much like the contagious Lyme disease ironically found on the picturesque deer that populate the island.

"15 year-old Scott Bartlett is at the precipice as well…but he’s unlikely to notice what with his mom duct tapping him up as protection against the dreaded scourge (a disease, she would be quick to note, they don’t have back in Queens) and his dad busy with building the American Dream in the guise of a planned community called “Bartlettown."

"Scott does know he is definitely in love with 16 year-old Adrianna next door, but she may or may not have noticed, it’s hard for Scott to read the signs and her family has her a little preoccupied anyway—her father has the disease and can barely face each new day as her mother now has to head out to work to earn their living by selling new homes in Bartlettown.

"When Scott’s brother, Jimmy, returns home for a brief stay before shipping out to the Falkland Islands, Scott is relieved to have a ready champion who can fight his battles, help diffuse their parents fighting, and generally keep an eye out for him. But when even Jimmy has had enough, Scott is forced to look at his world through a different set of lenses.

"In a world where money drives men and happiness is delayed until after the success, Scott is about to discover the pedestal he’s built for his idols can barely support the weight of his own youthful innocence, let alone sustain those he places on top.

A bright story about the dark side of suburban paradise, Lymelife stars Alec Baldwin, Kieran Culkin, Rory Culkin, Jill Hennessy, Timothy Hutton, Cynthia Nixon and Emma Roberts. Written by Derick Martini and Steve Martini,Lymelife is directed by Derick Martini."

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