Monday, October 19, 2009

The Local (2008)

On DVD 10/20/09

Official Synopsis

"The Local follows Noname, an enigmatic man running from a tortured past. Trapped in a violent Brooklyn underworld as the lowly drug runner for a gang of crazed veterans, Noname is approached by a wealthy out-of-towner who offers him a large sum of money to “rescue” the man’s heroin-addicted daughter from his employer’s drug lair. Noname soon realizes that saving the girl is more than a payday. It will grant him a way out of his purgatory after a lifetime of wrongdoing, and open a path toward personal redemption.

"Written and directed by award-winning filmmaker Dan Eberle (JailCity), The Local stylishly depicts the underbelly of the city, where the good is buried deep amongst the bad, and where a sinner can still redeem himself in a world broken beyond saving."

Writer/Director: Dan Eberle

Cast: Dan Eberle, Maya Ferrara, Karl Herlinger & Beau Allulli

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